Summer Programme

The Sketch Languedoc! Summer Programme restarts 22 June! The summer sketch diary has been in place for a while, and after many weeks of confinement and caution, I’m delighted to confirm it can now go ahead. Please check the calendar … Read More

Virtual Sketchwalks – June 2020

The Urban Sketchers manifesto is strictly about drawing on location, sketching what you see in context, but for various reasons that’s not always possible – either because of working hours, travel restrictions, or you simply don’t feel comfortable drawing in … Read More

Sketching beyond Covid

In France we have been ‘deconfined’ for just over a week and this area has been designated a ‘green zone’. This suggests that the number of Covid cases are falling, restrictions can be eased and we can resume some pre-pandemic … Read More

My new Online Sketchbook

Well this is a turn up for the books! Two of my great pleasures are to a) sketch outside and b) spend time with people. One thing I never expected to be doing in Spring 2020 is recording online classes. … Read More

Painting in Provence

For the second year running, Sketching for Foodies and other Sketch Languedoc holidays have been included in the annual guide to Painting Holidays in Provence… Read More

The accident book

We are conditioned not to make mistakes, to err, to be on the wrong side of ‘right’. As a creative, this conditioning spells big trouble with a capital T. What makes a line bad, or a paint colour the wrong … Read More

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