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Street Food and Sketchbooks!

25 September @ 10:00:13:00

This workshop in Narbonne is suitable for beginners and anyone interested in food illustration or learning simple techniques with watercolour!

Sketching for Foodies

Sketching for Foodies

26 September @ 16:00:2 October @ 10:00

A creative and gastronomic journey in the fabulous South of France. Lead by Annette Morris and Anne de Ravel, this holiday is a treat for the senses combining sketching workshops, cookery, food and wine-tasting, the perfect getaway for singles or couples.

Travel Sketching 101

27 September @ 10:00:13:00

If you are new to sketching or lack confidence with your drawing - this workshop in Quarante is for you!

Sketching classes for groups

Travel Sketching 101

9 October @ 10:00:13:00

If you are new to sketching or lack confidence with your drawing - this workshop in Ferrals-les-Corbières is for you!

People in perspective

10 October @ 10:00:13:00

Adding people to your sketches can bring them to life!  In this workshop in Fabrezan you'll learn how to draw figures and include them in a composition.  No previous art experience necessary!  

Beautiful Buildings

11 October @ 10:00:13:00

Medieval Lagrasse is officially one of the most beautiful villages in France - a perfect location for us to observe and sketch ancient French architecture, windows, doorways and archways.

Line and Watercolour Sketching for Beginners

16 October @ 10:30:16:00

If you are new to sketching or lack confidence in your ability to draw, these short fun workshops at Cass Art Bristol are for you!

Sketching in Bristol

Mariners’ Tales: Sketching Bristol

17 October @ 10:00:19 October @ 17:00

In this 3 day workshop holiday we’ll base ourselves in Clifton near the Observatory to explore Bristol and its huge maritime significance. The harbourside, shipyards and iconic suspension bridge are just a few reminders of its history and importance during the industrial revolution of the 19th century. A vibrant and cultural city, there are sketch opportunities at every turn!

Sketching with Watercolour for Beginners

20 October @ 11:30:16:30

Fear of the blank page and getting started with sketching is sometimes the hardest part. Join me at Cass Art Bristol and pick up some simple tips and tricks which will help you on your way from beginner to confident sketcher!

Sketching for Beginners

24 October @ 09:30:12:30

If you don't think you can sketch - this 3-hour workshop in Capestang is for you!   No previous art or drawing experience necessary, just bring along a sketchbook and an open mind!

Capturing a busy street scene

25 October @ 10:00:13:00

Sketching on location can sometimes be overwhelming, but this relaxed workshop in Béziers will give you some tips and tricks on how to capture the essence of a hectic place - without the stress factor!

People and Faces workshop

26 October @ 10:00:18:00

Details coming soon ...! Please subscribe to the newsletter to receive information for this workshop in Montpellier as soon as it is available.


Urban Sketching for the Terrified!

29 October @ 10:00:13:00

If you’d love to sketch on location but not sure where to start - this fun workshop in Chalabre is for you!

Autumn landscapes

30 October @ 10:00:13:00

A chance to really explore and make the most of your colour palette with this glorious workshop sketching the area in and around Montouliers. Learn how to use watercolour with more confidence when sketching.

cafe culture

Café Culture

31 October @ 09:30:12:30

This workshop in Puisserguier is an introduction to sketching with line and watercolour - no previous art experience needed!  

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