I'm a self-taught British artist with many years experience teaching adults sketching, drawing and painting skills and techniques. If you think about it, almost every artist is self-taught at some level. Creating art is a very personal journey as we give ourselves permission to express our ideas and push past our fears to experiment and learn. The challenges and opportunities are never-ending - that's just one of the reasons I find it so exciting!

It was a dream of mine to move to the south of France and pursue a more artistic life. As fate would have it, I could and I did.

That was in 2008 and most of the events listed in this website take place in the Languedoc region where I now live, and where I am also a regular Urban Sketcher.

I believe everyone was born to be creative. In our busy modern lives it's easy to forget the sense of well-being that comes from doodling, painting and creating something utterly unique.

It's even more fun to share your artistic journey with people that feel just like you. My teaching style is relaxed but intense! Whether you're a beginner or more confident sketcher I personalise every workshop to the experience of those taking part. No two workshops are ever the same and you can see some of the student feedback on Facebook or elsewhere on this website. There is a genuine feel-good factor and sense of community in all that we do!

Here you will find details for my online tutorials, art workshops and sketching holidays in the UK and France. These are for anyone who wants to learn, develop or improve their drawing, painting and observational skills. Informal and delivered with plenty of humour, these workshops invite you to face your fear of imperfection, embrace the unknown, experiment with different techniques and materials, connect with a new community and find your own unique artistic style.

Thank you for visiting this website. Like many creations it is a permanent 'work in progress' ....

I look forward to meeting you!

The workshops listed here are informal and fun. Most are ideal for beginners and for anyone lacking confidence to sketch (if you think you can't draw think again...!)

In these workshops you'll learn many basic skills and a range of techniques - and before long you'll have the confidence to sketch wherever and whenever you please.

I prefer to sketch on location, inside or outside - and discovering new places through the eyes of a sketcher means you'll see the world in a whole new light.

Each class is carefully designed according to the location and participants in the group, and can be taught in English and/or French. No class is ever the same!

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please just send me an email!